Singer Songwriter - Ep 4 - Ray Prim - Master of “PRIMotion” - 7′20′19

Ray Prim is a singer soulwriter (a term he created) and band leader from Austin, TX.  Ray talks about "Primotion" (a creative way to to promote shows on social media), as well as the song game.

The intro song was Ray Prim's Gently Down the Stream from the album Unconditional. Here's a live video performance of the song. The featured song was When it don't Feel Right.

Ray was recently interviewed for a small feature in the Austin Chronicle.  You can read the article here: Austin Chronicle Article  

Ray spoke about the Black Fret Organization in which he won a $17,000 grant. 

Ray explained "the song game" a weekly songwriter exercise created by local austin artists Kacy Crowley and Bob Schneider.  

Tom mentioned an article in which Jason Mraz talks about Bob Schneider's song game:

Ray spoke about George Reiff and Roger Blevins Jr. helped him to learn about mixing.  

Ray and his band have a show at The Continental Club in Austin, TX on Saturday July 27, 2019.  More info here: Continental Club

Ray and Tom play The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on Saturday September 14.

You can find information about Ray at

Email any questions or comments to

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