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Tom talked about it being a short week due to the Labor Day holiday and therefore a guest was not scheduled.  

Tom mentioned seeing 2 upcoming John Mayer Shows, 1 in San Antonio and the other in Los Angeles.

Tom and Ray Prim have a show at The Hotel Cafe on Saturday September 14 at 8pm (doors at 7).  The link to tickets is here:

The Hotel Cafe's website can be found here:

Ray Prim produced/engineered/recorded a new version of a Tom Meny and Aly Tadros song called "Higher Than The Moon".  You can stream/download the song here:

Vocals - Tom Meny

Guitars - Tom Meny

Bass - Adam Prado

Keys - James Clarke

Strings- Christina Steele

BGV's- Natalie Price and Ray Prim

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Johnny Goudie is a singer-songwriter, musician, producer and popular podcast host from Austin, TX.  Johnny visited Singer Songwriter with Tom Meny on Sunday September 25, 2019 to talk about his great career, coming up in Austin, and his podcast "How Did I Get Here". 

Intro Song: Julia from the Album "Peep Show" can be heard/purchased here:

The PechaKucha speech that Johnny and Tom discussed can be watched here:

Tom mentioned the Dudley and Bob Show. They are a morning radio show on KLBJ FM in Austin, TX. If you'd like to listen from out of town, here's a link to their podcast:

The songswap show from Liberty Lunch (Johnny Goudie, Will Sexton, Mark Addison and "Scrappy" Jud Newcomb) that Tom referenced from 1997 that inspired him to start playing guitar again and sparked his love of acoustic/americana type music can be watched here:

Johnny played a song he co-wrote with Rene Woodward called "You Don't Even Know my Name". 

Johnny and Tom mentioned the following:

Mark Addison:

"Scrappy" Jud Newcomb

Will Sexton:

George Reiff:

Ian McLagan:

Mark Hallman:

Johnny and Tom spoke about local Austin TV producer Dave Prewitt who has documented Austin and touring bands (in particular hard rock and metal bands) for over 30 years.  Here is a link to Johnny's interview with Dave and Nathan Oliverez:

Johnny spoke about his affiliation with the Austin Music Foundation:

Johnny will be playing with his band on Sept 29 at Cosmic Coffee Bar in Austin, TX.

Johnny's band Skyrocket! can be found here and they have NUMEROUS tour dates listed

Johnny's famous podcast "How Did I Get Here" can be found at

All things Johnny Goudie can be found at


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 Johnny Goudie at KTOM Studio


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Emma Dean is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Austin, TX.  Emma has recently received a 4 year tuition scholarship to Berklee College of Music

Emma appeared on the podcast with special guests Eddie Dickerson and Kimberly Zielnicki, her friends and fellow members of the trio The Troll Smashers. 

The Troll Smashers:

Eddie Dickerson: Here's video of the Eddie Dickerson Band:

Kimberly Zielnicki: Here's a video of her with the Chalkboard Poets:

Emma spoke about the Lee Ritenour Six String Theory scholarship she received for Berklee College of Music.  Here's her video submission:

Emma spoke about one of her heroes, Tommy Emmanuel.

Here's the video of Emma Dean and Tommy Emmanuel at his workshop.  Emma has clearly impressed the acoustic guitar master:

Emma appeared on the television show Woodsongs with Austin guitar legend, Eric Johnson.

Several of Emma's friends provided some well wishes via audio recordings (Tommy Emmanuel's was written and I read the message on the podcast).  Those people were:

Ray Prim: Austin singer songwriter (See episode 4)

Lonnie Trevino: Longtime Austin bass legend currently playing with The South Austin Moonlighters

Wes Collins: Chapel Hill singer songwriter and 2015 Kerrville NewFolk winner

Christina Cavazos: Austin singer songwriter

Roger Blevins Jr.: leader of the Austin, TX based legendary band Mingo Fishtrap.








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Andrew Delaney is a songwriter, producer, teacher, filmmaker, and comedian from the Dallas, TX area. Find all things related to Andrew here:

Andrew's intro song was "Elephants" and can be downloaded here:

This song has also been covered by Alice Wallace and can be found here:

Andrew spoke about the following songwriting competitions/festivals:

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival:

The Kerrville Folk Festival NewFolk Competition:

Rocky Mountain Folks Fest:

Songwriter Serenade:

Andrew spoke about producing albums by Emily Barnes and Justin Pickard: Emily's album Rare Birds can be pre-ordered here:

Justin can be found here:

Andrew spoke about Justin Farren:

Andrew and Tom spoke about Wes Collins:

Andrew mentioned cowriting a song with Rachel Laven:

Andrew was invited to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival:

Andrew Mentioned Ordinary Elephant and their cover song of his original "Australia".  Watch here:

Andrew spoke about cellist Madeline Herdeman, who played cello on Elephants.

Tom Mentioned his favorite Andrew Delaney songs:



Groove On:

Seven Wonders:

The Night I Killed Bubbles the Clown:

Not in My House:

The Comedian:

Rise and Shine:

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James Jean is a singer songwriter from Austin, TX.  

Tom played a clip from James' song "Figure It Out" . You can download that song here: Apple Music

You can read more about James Jean on his official bio:

James' most recent album is called "Gimme Space" and can be found here:

James mentioned that his album as well as some of his singles were produced by Brian Douglas Phillips.  You can find out more about BDP here:

James and Tom will be playing at show at The Townsend in Austin, TX on Thursday July 8 at 7PM (Doors).  You can find out more here: 

the show is FREE

You can find out more about James Jean at

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Jaimee Harris is a singer/songwriter from Austin, TX (by way of Hewitt, TX) who currently splits time between Austin and Nashville.  Jaimee released her debut album Red Rescue in late 2018.  You can pick up a copy of Red Rescue here:

Tom read quotes about Jaimee Harris by Gretchen Peters, Eliza Gilkyson and Mary Gauthier that can be found here:

Jaimee mentioned Gretchen Peter's song The Boy from Rye.  Here's a video of that song:

Tom mentioned knowing Jaimee's dad, Chris Harris.  Chris Harris is not only a singer/songwriter/musician but also an attorney.  Chris Harris and his law partner have a few viral hit videos including this one titled "Don't Eat Your Weed". Watch it here:

Jaimee's younger brother Chris Harris plays guitar for many local Austin singer/songwriters and also has his own band The Irons.  They can be found here:

Jaimee spoke about singing harmonies with EmmyLou Harris on The Cayamo Cruise which is a 1 week tropical cruise in which many well known musical acts perform on the ship.  You can find out more here

Jaimee mentioned she originally came to Austin to sing with David Ramirez. 

Jaimee mentioned playing music for the Women In Recovery Program in Tulsa, OK.  More info here:

Jaimee mentioned bringing a young Austin artist Christina Cavazos on tour with her.

Jaimee is currently on tour and has future shows with Mary Gautier and Western Youth and Gretchen Peters. You can find Jaimee's tour schedule here:

Jaimee spoke about Natalie Price's episode of Singer Songwriter with Tom Meny and you can hear that episode here:

Find all things Jaimee Harris by visiting her website:

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Ray Prim is a singer soulwriter (a term he created) and band leader from Austin, TX.  Ray talks about "Primotion" (a creative way to to promote shows on social media), as well as the song game.

The intro song was Ray Prim's Gently Down the Stream from the album Unconditional. Here's a live video performance of the song. The featured song was When it don't Feel Right.

Ray was recently interviewed for a small feature in the Austin Chronicle.  You can read the article here: Austin Chronicle Article  

Ray spoke about the Black Fret Organization in which he won a $17,000 grant. 

Ray explained "the song game" a weekly songwriter exercise created by local austin artists Kacy Crowley and Bob Schneider.  

Tom mentioned an article in which Jason Mraz talks about Bob Schneider's song game:

Ray spoke about George Reiff and Roger Blevins Jr. helped him to learn about mixing.  

Ray and his band have a show at The Continental Club in Austin, TX on Saturday July 27, 2019.  More info here: Continental Club

Ray and Tom play The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on Saturday September 14.

You can find information about Ray at

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Chris Taylor is a singer-songwriter and artist from San Antonio, TX.  Tom and Chris met years ago at the Dripping Springs Songwriter’s Festival

The intro song to the podcast is Not So Easy to Set Free.

Chris has co-written 2 songs with Dave Stewart, formerly of The Eurythmics. Here is one of the songs, "Here and Gone but Everlasting".

Chris mentioned being asked to sing for an internationally known Christian Heavy Metal group, Holy Soldier.

Chris is also a visual artist and you can find his art here:

Tom mentioned his favourite Chris Taylor songs:

Down Goes the Day

Jesus and the Baby Elvis


Goodnight Goodnight

You can purchase all Chris Taylor's music here:

Chris mentioned his Patreon page in which you can obtain special items, not available to the general public.

Chris has a show at Sam's Burger Joint on August 18th and you can purchase tickets here:

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In episode 2, Grace Pettis talks about co-writing, her publishing deal, her songwriting family (including father Pierce, brothers Rayvon and George) and how songs are like pizza. Grace can be found at

Natalie Price joined us as guest co-host.

Grace also talks about the Kerrville Folk Festival's NewFolk competition.

Grace mentioned Pierce Pettis' song "Alabama 1959"

Grace mentioned the following books:

Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting by Jimmy Webb
1000 songwriting ideas by Lisa Aschmann
All You Need To Know About The Music Business by Donald Passman

The Intro song for Grace is You are the Cowboy from the Album Two Birds.

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Our first guest is the talented Natalie Price.  Natalie talks about a DIY approach to building a music career in Austin.  Ray Prim guest co-hosts.  Intro music clip "Bones in the Dirt" from Natalie's debut EP "Through the Fog".  Natalie also plays a new song "It's ok to get Older". Find Natalie Price at 

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